Moving back to my second shoot of 2018.

After shooting with Dicapria at the end of January I took a few months away from photography in order that I catch up a little bit with my editing backlog. I also didn’t have the funds for shooting with paid models!

I’d been talking a little bit with Emilee though, a Bristol based model who was producing some awesome work and I’d expressed a keen desire to work with her.  As luck would have it, through some fortuitous circumstances I received some unexpected money.  Although most went toward paying my credit card (and thus financing more tickets to Thailand!) I put a small part to one side with the intention of arranging a shoot.  Although I’d helped second shoot on a couple of weddings this year (scary for me!) I was getting a definite creative itch again.

And so it was, near the end of May that Emilee caught the train down to Exeter to spend the afternoon with me.   The plan was to spend a couple of hours in a local studio and then the remainder of our time doing some street fashion shots.

After collecting Emilee at St Davids we drove out to Studio F/11 (now closed) for the first half of the shoot.  I have barely experimented with studio lights, but I figured if I kept it basic we’d do OK!  We started off with some head-shots using a huge ring-light.  Then we progressed into the main room where I used a single light (with beauty dish) to capture some lingerie images.  A highlight was being able to shoot Emilee wearing her own fashion brand that she’d designed herself – Shokushu Boutique.  Check her site and designs out – it’s awesome!

After we were finished we headed into the city centre for some fashion/lifestyle shots. Emilee has such a beautiful fashion sense and we got some really cool images even though there was a huge thunder storm near the end.

This was however the scene for one of the most embarrassing things to happen on a shoot!  A slightly inebriated off duty Police officer challenged me whilst shooting.  I was expecting some kind of telling off about being on private property (we weren’t) but instead it turned out she thought that Emilee was underage!  Emilee is of course (forgive me Emilee!) much older!  Although I was pretty horrified at the insinuation, Emilee found it hilarious!

So, jumped up off duty police officers aside, it was a cracking shoot and we got loads of shots I was happy with.  Emilee is such a cool and creative person to be around and I knew I would want to shoot with her again.  As I write this, I have a shoot from 2019 still to edit with some equally great images.

Can’t wait for a third time!

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