The Kimono

After such a fun shoot in 2018, I knew I wanted to work with Emilee again as soon as I was able to. Fast forward to early summer 2019 and after bouncing some ideas off each other we realised we had a small window to shoot as Emilee returned to Bristol from a few days break at her family home in Cornwall.

The bulk of our previous shoot had been in the studio, something I’m not entirely comfortable with so this time, we decided to shoot entirely on location outdoors. Emilee was lucky to be in possession of a homemade kimono and wondered if I’d like to photograph it? I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

When the day came we were blessed with some typical English summer weather. It was cloudy, cold and threatening to rain!

We headed down to Dawlish Warren. It’s a beautiful location and I thought Emilee would suit it perfectly. Although it can get busy there, if you’re prepared to walk past the first few groynes you’re usually greeted with empty sands.

Fortunately the rain managed to hold off. We were held up on the way down and back due to roadworks, so our actual shooting time was limited. Nevertheless, working with someone as talented as Emilee make’s getting images super easy and I was so happy with what we achieved.

As I write this, I’m looking back on our third shoot just a couple of months ago which was equally fun. I’m excited to process those and I literally can’t wait for the next time we work together too!

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