The Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha

Day 3 of the Thailand trip and this time I was heading off to see The Grand Palace.  Now, I was supposed to have been here before however the 2007 tour was waylaid by a wild preceding night on Khaosan Road.  I don’t need to remind you of that now, but you can of course read about that adventure here should you feel inclined.

We were told en route by our travel mates to Sydney that we’d really missed out, so this time I was determined to find out for myself.  My drinking buddy Mike has since returned to Thailand and seen it and now was my chance to tick it off the list  This was also the last of my scheduled Bangkok trips and the next day I’d be heading North on a flight to Chiang Mai.  Again, a trip with Isango proved to be just the ticket easily booked from the UK prior to departure.

I wasn’t disappointed at all; The Grand Palace is spectacular.  It was absolutely heaving with visitors and I could easily see why it’s such a popular tourist destination.  The colour, detail and intricacies of the buildings blew my mind.  I’ll let my photos do the talking and to give you an idea, but if you happen to find yourself in Bangkok do make sure you allocate some time to see this place.


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