As promised, here’s the second post of the month covering another portrait shoot!  I will catch up!

I met Nicoletta a few years ago at a photography social in Exeter.  Although based in Bristol, she’d been to Uni in Exeter and happened to come along that evening.  Pretty much as soon as we met we found ourselves getting along and I was impressed by her portfolio and background in modelling.

Over the following year we bumped into each other at several other socials across the two cities and we constantly said we’d arrange to shoot.  Finally, on a baking hot June Sunday that came to fruition and I found myself heading up Bristol to see what we could create.

I was still pretty nervous, I hadn’t done many shoots at this point (Edit: I still get nervous now!) and this was someone I really wanted to impress.  The weather wasn’t helping me either with uninterruped harsh sunlight!  I spent most of that afternoon hunting down any patches of shade we could discover!

So, here’s a selection of shots from that day.  Nicoletta is such a great model and lovely person; I really hope we can shoot again some day.

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