It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post for this. I seem to be quite good at starting things but never keeping them moving forwards.

I suppose for the past year that although I’ve taken photos, I haven’t really edited up sets or considered words to go with them. Just the odd, singular image here and there.

These pictures are from a couple of bitterly cold days in London during March last year. I had wanted to capture Tower Bridge, The Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge and The London Eye and although I’ve since processed and shared some of those images I’ve had a whole bunch others, mainly of the British Museum just sat as RAW files on the hard drive.  Writing this post is my motivation for finally publishing them and I hope you enjoy.

As an aside, this trip included my first experience of being told I wasn’t allowed to take photos. According to a security guard it’s a health and safety risk to use a tripod in London!  Ha! Just as well I bagged my pics before he turned up!

I’ll try not to wait such a long time for the next post!

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