Bangkok Adventures …

November 2007.   That was the start of my year long adventure.  In hindsight it wasn’t as adventurous as many other travelers, yet to me it was a step into the unknown.

A group of 10 of us met at Heathrow with our final destination being Australia for a years working holiday. I’d wanted to do this for about 7 or 8 years and couldn’t believe the day to leave had finally come.  The flight I plumped for (I had a choice) included a stopover in Bangkok in order to break up the journey.  We were there for 2 nights and managed to pack a fair few things in. Of course, now, I would do it a completely different way.  Bangkok would have been only the start of an Asian adventure.  I’d have traveled there for weeks, maybe months, gone to a full moon party, visited the islands … but hey, why worry about the things you didn’t do?  I hope to have a chance to go back one day and put that right.

So, to keep you entertained we may as well roll with a story from the short time I was there:

On the final night, after having had a traditional Thai meal and watched a local dance we headed to Khao San Road to sample some nightlife. Arriving here for the first time is truly a scene straight out of the beginning to “The Beach”. Touts, tourists and backpackers everywhere. As soon as we got out of our Tuk Tuk  we were approached by countless touts, and subsequently had to turn away several offers of trips to Ping Pong shows and Go Go Bars in preference of finding somewhere to get a drink and soak up the atmosphere properly.

After a couple of drinks with the full crowd of us, Mike (“I’m from the Wirral. D’ya know it?”), Fraser (“I like the blondes”)  and I got itchy feet and left the others to go exploring and find another bar. Having found one (and fended off the interests of a couple of girls from Vietnam to boot) we got stuck into a few beverages.  Unfortunately we seemed to seriously underestimate the strength of the local drink and by midnight it was game over for Fraser who headed back to the hotel. Mike and I had decided we did want to see a ping pong show after all and grabbed a local Tuk Tuk driver. He said it was too late to see a show (too late?!) but he’d take us to some other place where there would be lots of girls. We really should have just said no. We were frighteningly naive.

A short while later we pulled up in a quiet street and were ushered into a near empty bar. At this point I think we both knew something was up but weren’t quite sure what. The proprietor of the bar came over with two fresh, cold beers and introduced himself. Feeling a bit heartless, I thought it would be funny to somewhat drop Mike in it and made my excuses to head to the toilet to leave him to fend off the owner alone.  As I rounded the corner to the toilets I found a room of approximately 20-25 girls all with numbers on them waving at me. I stood open mouthed for a second …We had been taken to one of those bars.

I quickly returned to a wide eyed Mike gesturing that we should leave as quickly as possible.  I didn’t need to worry as for Mike the penny had already dropped; our friendly host had been taking him through the prices!  We made our excuses and scarpered. I still have no idea if we paid for those beers or not! We found the Tuk Tuk driver outside who seemed surprised to see us again so quickly and we told him off. I’m not sure “Bad Tuk Tuk driver!” whilst gesticulating at him is much of a telling off but there we go.  He shrugged and pointed out a local club we could head to instead.  Rather intrepidly (after the earlier experience) we gave it a go, and to our surprise found a huge dance club full of young local Thai people. It was a fantastic atmosphere and we had an absolute blast. I did lose Mike a couple of times but always found him again (usually interlocked with a Thai girl in the middle of the dance floor!). We eventually made it back to the hotel at about 7 am and had to sneak past our tour guide who was having breakfast in the restuarant! We got up to our room and discovered a half naked Fraser hadn’t even made it to bed. He’d spent the night sleeping on the bathroom floor!

We had about 30 minutes to be ready before we were due to leave for our Grand Palace tour. That’s definitely enough time for a power nap right? Isn’t it? Well, it turns out that no, it isn’t. We woke at 11:30 am having missed the trip and “probably the best bit of  our few days in Bangkok” according to our travel mates.

Still … what a night!

The only thing that puzzled me and Mike, was that the girls swore blind they had called the phone in our room to make sure we were ready for the tour.  And a Thai girl had answered.  Fraser … have you told us everything?

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