Boardmasters 2015

Well, I’ll start with an apology.  This year I intended on paying much more attention to the blog.  As a minimum I wanted to publish a post once a month.  Fail.

It’s not really for a lack of photographs or material.  I still have a tonne of stories and images from my travels in 2008 let alone everything I’ve photographed since.  I think I’m just a bit lazy.

So, as summer fades away and the bleakness of autumn and winter close in it’s probably time to return to late nights, candle burning and coffee drinking whilst glued to my laptop.

Here’s my images from this Summer’s Boardmasters in Newquay.

I headed down on the Saturday again, hoping to see some great surfing in the latter stages of the competition.  Sadly Mother Nature didn’t want to play along and the swell died Friday night.  We had enough slop for a few rounds of World Surf League Longboard action but early afternoon all was called off with the Women’s Open Semi’s and Final postponed until the next day.  Still, it’s still loads of fun to soak up the atmosphere.

I’ve used a neat little program called RadLab to process these images.

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