The Bluebell Park

Spring is my most favourite time of year.  Growing up in the countryside you’re acutely aware of it.  The birds start to sing, the hedgerows come to life and trees start to leaf.  Days become longer and you feel happy to be alive.

One of the most beautiful sights in England are the bluebell fields and woodlands and we’re blessed with them here in Devon.  My most favourite location is just a few minutes from the office and every year I spend a couple of evenings strolling around and enjoying the scene (usually I have it to myself).

We’re nearly there again this year – and so I thought it was high time I shared last years photos (heaven knows why it’s taken me so long to process) – so here they are, spring time (2014) in Devon.

PS.  Hoping to actually do a portrait shoot here this year – that will be exciting!

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