East Prawle Ramblings

I find myself anxious to write a blog post so that I can say I published something in December and at least see the year out on a positive note.  When 2016 comes it’s a blog post a month and I’m determined to finally work on my travel photos.

Where to start though?  Well, these shots have been sat on my hard drive since late August and as they were only taken with a point and shoot (a compact Fuji) I figured this would be a pretty quick post to write.

As summer was drawing to a close I headed down to East Prawle with the annual Moretonhampstead Ramblers Club Coastal Path Walk.  I’m usually the youngest by at least a good 20 years but it’s always a fun day out (and the real draw of the day is fish at chips in the evening at my most favourite spot in Devon – The Start Bay Inn!).

As I say, these are barely edited grab shots but I hope they give you a taste of this spectacular piece of coastline.  If you’re yet to visit I encourage you do so as soon as you can.  The South West Coast Path is a truly awesome thing for us to have.

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