Kirsty Morris in Plymouth

So … it was my intention to ensure that 2016 has at a minimum 1 post a month.  Well, January has been and gone … and no post! Perhaps I can make up for it with a double post in February?  Bear with me, please …

Back in July I was offered the opportunity to spend a day on a natural light shoot in Plymouth.  The session was put on by Devon Photography Training and involved a few hours working in a small group.  Our model for the day was the amazing Kirsty Morris.

The weather was pretty terrible (typical English Summer!) so we were confined to working undercover for the majority of the time.  Fortunately Gemma who organised the day had plenty of ideas on where to go and we all had an ace time.  If you’re in Devon or Cornwall and you want to learn more about this kind of thing I really can’t recommend Devon Photography Training enough.  Likewise, if you have the opportunity to shoot with Kirsty just take it.  She’s awesome!

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