Rosa Brighid

Away from travel for a short while and moving forward from 2008 to 2015.  These posts truly are all over the place.

I’d been wanting for several months to try my hand at portrait photography.  In particular, I’d wanted to learn more about working in a studio.  For some reason though I was scared. I was scared of looking an idiot in front of other photographers for my lack of knowledge and I was scared of actually working with a model – I mean, what if all my shots are terrible? What if she thinks I’m an incompentent fool?  With a landscape it’s easy to take your time but not so much when you’re working with people!

So I delayed and procrastinated.  For ages.  I had bought myself a fast 50mm … and I’d attended a workshop to see studio lighting in action … but still I deliberated taking the plunge of booking someone to work with.

Then all of a sudden I received a Facebook message from Rosa asking (politely) if I was ever going to get around to booking her for a shoot (I’d been following her social media for a while).  A short conversation followed where I explained my nervousness and lack of experience and she put all those doubts to the back of my mind.  The next thing I knew, I was anxiously rocking up to Chris Conway’s studio in Plymouth (Studio Hire Plymouth) for a 2 hour shoot on a studio day Rosa was running with Chris.

Although I felt like being sick right before the shoot (I tried to hide my nerves!) we hit it off and the next couple of hours flew by and we tried several sets.  I can’t say I varied the lighting a huge amount … I kept it basic and although I made a tonne of mistakes I think we got some cool shots. Though my skills are limited, Rosa’s are not and she made things smooth with her easy going personality, professionalism and extensive reportoire of posing and creativity.

Have a look and see what you think … and if you ever get the chance to work with Rosa, I would recommend you take it!

PS.  Some of the images below are NSFW – please be warned!




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