Continuing with the catch up theme, here’s another shared shoot from 2016.

I had met Emily at a local social in Exeter and we’d had a brief group shoot in a studio.  Emily was studying at the University and had an interest in building a portfolio.  Although I was super new to portaiture still, we agreed to see what we could come up with and so a couple of weeks later, we found ourselves on Exeter Quay on an extremely cold March morning!

Emily didn’t show any signs of nerves, though I can assure you that I certainly did! I remember thinking how  natural she was, instantly getting a feel for the kind of images I wanted to capture and moving from pose to pose with ease and grace.

We probably spent about 2 hours doing a circuit of the Quayside.  Both of us were feeling pretty cold by the end of it, though I definitely had the better deal (I mean, I had a coat!).  Accordingly we finished with a well deserved hot chocolate!

Here’s some of the shots and if you get a chance to work with Emily, take it!


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