Although I wish I could be a full-time traveller and photographer, sadly that’s not the case.  The day job involves working in the self catering cottages industry in the South West of England.

Back in late 2015, the company I worked for decided we would dip our toes in the overseas market and would work with another company to help market some of their portfolio.  Over the winter the pieces came together and come early spring, we were ready to go.  To my astonishment my boss announced that he’d be flying 3 of us out to accompany him on a reconnaissance mission on the island of Mallorca!

We were stoked.  And so at short notice, Rikki, Sasha and myself found ourselves at Exeter airport ready for a 3 day trip where our sole purpose was to explore!

Arriving late at night, we drove up to our house (Finca Frohlich) just outside of Pollenca in the north of the island.  What a luxury place!  We quickly settled in with home cooked food and beers.  Now for 3 days of exploring!

Day 1:

We awoke to a couple of friendly reps from the travel company who had sourced our accommodation and who we would be working with.  We spent a while discussing a few business issues, then it was to the coast!  Our first glimpse of the sea was following the winding road into Cala Molins.  After a few photos and a paddle in the sea, we drove back inland to Pollenca for lunch.  We then had a stroll around the town, taking the famous Calvari Steps to a splendid view.

After lunch had settled we headed over to Port Pollenca, which we’d been told had a great beach.  As the light began to change, we started a trek out on Cap de Formentor with the intention of catching sunset from the lighthouse at the tip of the island.

Along the way we stopped at just about every opportunity – Mirador des Colomer, Playa des Formentor and just about every viewpoint possible!  Meeting our boss at the lighthouse we enjoyed a stunning sunset.

This was followed by a drive to Alcudia for a very late night blow out meal.  We were exhausted. And happy.

Day 2:

After the previous days activities, energy levels were somewhat low.  We decided we’d head into Port d’Alcudia and check the beach out.  It’s a big resort and we felt we should see it.  We wound up spending most of the day enjoying the beautiful water.  Later in the afternoon we headed once again out on the Cap de Formentor road, taking in another sunset from a different location.

Day 3:

We’d be flying back this night, and today we wanted to explore the south of the island and find a beach we’d seen on the cover of a tour guide.  Rikki and I were full of energy.  Sasha was hung over having drunk an entire bottle of gin to herself the night before!

Our first stop was to see the market in the small town of Santanyi.  We’d heard great things.  It was buzzing, and we really enjoyed it though other than some ice creams we didn’t pick anything up.  After that we began to explore the beaches.  Cala Santanya (where we had lunch), Es Pontas and Cala Lombards.

We were running out of time though and we hadn’t found the beach we were looking for.  A few frantic looks at the map and we threw the dice one last time – and somehow found ourselves on the right track! First up Cala Almunia, followed by our goal, the beautiful Es Calo des Moro.  Picture postcard perfect, and entirely to ourselves at this time of the day!

Sadly, we then found the trip coming to an end and it was a sad drive to the airport.  Still, for a work trip, this was something else!

Although in the few years since our connection has come to an end, I’d like to mention the company whose villa we stayed in – Vintage Travel – highly recommended.

Below are a number pf photos, but if you’re interested I also made a short video which you can see on my You Tube channel here.



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