It was a Saturday in mid-July and I’d just finished a long day at work. Logging into Purpleport whilst passing the evening away I saw a last minute casting for a group shoot, with a space that had just become available due to a cancellation.  It was a beach shoot with Camy and Larysa – two sisters whose good work I’d been admiring for ages.

Thinking I didn’t have much hope at such short notice, I dropped a speculative message to Camy asking if the space was still available? I got a quick reply and before I knew it, I was booked onto the shoot the following morning!

In the end, there was another no-show, which left 3 photographers for both the models to shoot all day.  That was ideal for each of us and we were free to all get the shots we wanted.

I’ll share the ones with Camy in my next post, but to begin with here’s the ones I got with Larysa.  Larysa was great fun and we were constantly laughing and teasing each other – I’d definitely recommend shooting with her if you ever can.


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