The Pattaya Blues

For the final few days of my trip I found myself heading back to Pattaya on the eastern Gulf coast.  I’d been to Pattaya the year previous and although it wasn’t my most favourite of places, for just a couple of nights it’s an ideal place to party, drink and dance.  A good send off if you will before the long journey home.

This year having wanted to mix in some model shoots, I had thought Pattaya may work well as a destination as it was so close to Bangkok.  I figured it would be relatively easy to find a good model … and I wasn’t wrong!  I will share my shoot in the next post, but for now, here’s a handful of photos from wandering around the city.

A typical day here for me would usually involve waking up late morning and strolling down Beach Road from my hotel to a little coffee shop overlooking the sea.  I’d drink a latte and eat waffles and jam and people watch for a while.  I’d then take a stroll down the beach and probably go and get some lunch, then return to the hotel to chill by the pool with music and a book until dark.  Then it would be jumping on the Baht bus toward Walking Street for an evening meal and drinks whilst watching live music.  I always seem to find some random travellers to enjoy beers with and I’ve had some pretty wild nights!

Even though I still don’t think Pattaya is an especially beautiful location, it’s a city of vice after all, it’s certainly a fun place and I’ve found myself there again in both ’17 and ’18.   It’s hard to believe reading the history of the city that as recent as the 60’s it was only a fishing village!

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