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Apart from in my 20’s where I headed to the North Cornish coast at every opportunity, nowadays it’s pretty rare I find myself heading over the border from Devon for anything other than work related trips.  That’s not deliberate, it just seems to be the way things currently are.  Perhaps one day I’ll rediscover a desire to surf as much again as I did back then.

Back in June 2017 my friend Elliye arranged a trip to just outside of Newquay for a weekend with a bunch of photographers we’d met and become friends with over the past few years.  We all regularly attended a monthly social in Exeter and a couple of days away seemed a natural extension of that.

In our crew we had Elliye, Steven, Gus, Adam, Alan, Stuart and Trude.  A small but fun group.  We camped just outside of Newquay at Trethiggey Holiday Park.

I dashed down late after work on the Friday night.  A quick and easy drive for me, but it still resulted in me having to put my tent up almost in the dark!  I managed it though and with a Maccy D’s and a couple of Guinness’s inside me I had a good nights sleep (horrendous diet I know!).


On Saturday we woke up and enjoyed a breakfast on the campsite. Alan, Stuart and Trude had arranged a shoot with a local model so headed off in one direction.  The rest of us headed into Newquay for a mooch around and to check the surf (which was flat). We spent a while checking out the shops and drinking coffee.  It was a pretty relaxing day.  Late afternoon we headed out to Crantock on a location reccie, which is where Elliye had arranged a shoot for the following day with a couple of models.  After a hunt for poppies we headed back into Newquay to Fistral Beach for fish and chips.


Gus felt pretty rough on the Sunday following far too many beers late on Saturday night.  We felt bad for him as we all tucked into breakfast whilst he remained in his tent!  Stuart and Trude headed home and Adam drove toward St Austell for a shoot he’d arranged.  I headed into Newquay to enjoy a surf (as the waves had picked up) with the agreement to meet Elliye, Steven and Alan at Crantock when I had finished.

The surf was fun (but let’s not mention the goat boater!) and by the time I got to Crantock I had thought I’d missed the shoot, but it turned out they’d only just got started as I arrived.  We had two really cool models – Adele Green and Danielle Osborn and I was super lucky that Elliye, Adele and Danielle were really happy for me to get some images of them.  As we were shooting, Adam joined us again and shortly after, Alan left to go home.  Poor Gus never made it at all!


Elliye, Steven and I had decided to stay on for one extra night after everyone else had left.  Elliye had a pretty big photoshoot booked for the Monday at Crantock again with a very well known local model.  I had decided I wanted another surf and that on my drive home I’d finally stop in at St Nectans Glen, which is a waterfall I’d longed to see for far too long. I’d waited until the Monday to see it as I thought it would be quieter – wow was I wrong!  Despite the crowd, it’s a pretty magical spot and I’m glad I finally visited.

I had thought about splitting this post into 2 or 3, but in the end figured it would all go together.  So here’s the photos (including a few mobile shots, which I’ve never done before!):


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