After my Thailand trip I didn’t find myself picking a camera up properly for several months.  If it hadn’t been for my friend Elliye, I’m not sure just how long the wait would have been!

The previous year I’d stumbled across a small park in Exeter near where I live and found a long wisteria arch (one of the best in England).  I’d missed it in bloom, but I realised it was a stunning location and figured it’d be a great place to shoot at.

I had of course mentioned the spot to Elliye and she was as excited as me to shoot there.  As spring hit I was regularly walking by and checking it and sure enough, all of a sudden we were on.  Except that I’m disorganised and hadn’t bothered to find a model to shoot!

Elliye however had arranged a shoot with a girl called Gaby, who was at Uni in Exeter.  She asked if I wanted to assist and I of course said I’d be happy to help.  Very kindly, both Elliye and Gaby encouraged me to take a few photos myself once they’d finished and I leapt at the chance.

Here are those photos (all assisted by Elliye who did a great job with the scrim!) and hopefully one day I’ll get around to organising my own shoot here!

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