Pattaya & Prapassara

Earlier this year I wrote a post from 2016 where I shot with Prapassara in Pattaya.  That was my last portrait shoot of the year and it was absolutely one of my most favourites.  The main draw of returning to Pattaya in 2017 was to arrange a second shoot with her and see what else we could come up with.

Just like the previous year, we met up in the mid-afternoon.  The challenge this time though was to capture different images to before, yet still find a way of bringing Prapassara’s charm and personality into it.

We started off in the hotel, initially beginning with some natural shots on the balcony before progressing into some lingerie photos (though nothing too revealing).  The light in the hotel wasn’t great, so once we’d finished the set I was keen to get moving outside.  Once we were done, we walked toward the beach stopping along the way to shoot on the street side and in a derelict area that Prapassara had spotted.

After some beach images we headed back to the hotel and the rooftop pool, which I’d only just shot before with Alice!  Again, the challenge was to photograph Prapassara in the same space, but to find a different way to which I’d done a couple of days earlier.

Prapassara is one of the loveliest people I’ve met on my travels to Thailand. Such a gracious and kind person.  Later that night, I met up with her and her boyfriend Roumain (now fiancĂ©!) in iBar for some very late night drinking and dancing.

I would have loved to shoot with Prapassara on my last 2018 trip also, but excitingly for her and Roumain, she fell pregnant a couple of months later after these photos were taken and had a beautiful baby girl in late 2018.

If I’m lucky though, maybe we can get our third shoot in on 2019’s trip?!

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