Although I always feel like I could stay in Phuket forever, again I’d planned to spend my last few days in Pattaya.  The reason is that it seemed the easiest location to still enjoy the coast, but to be within easy reach of some good models who I wanted to work with for some more portrait shoots.  I especially wanted to photograph Prapassara again.

Although I was only in Pattaya for 4 days, I somehow ended up managing to book in 3 shoots!  First up was Alice, someone who I’d been communicating with via Facebook and Instagram for around a year and who was really enthusiastic at giving me a chance to shoot with her.

Alice headed down to Pattaya on the Friday night and we met up for some pre-shoot cocktails, followed by a few games of pool on Soi 7 and a very late night McDonald’s on the beach whilst I learned all about her life in Thailand.

After a coffee, Saturday’s shoot began on Pattaya’s main beach. Annoyed by the crowds and the harsh light, we jumped on the Baht Bus to head down to Walking Street where I wanted to find a bit of shade and some interesting compositions, eventually leading us to Bali Hai Pier where we got some good head shots.  After a while spent doing this, we took a lunch break at the Pattaya Beer Garden, which has become one of my favourite spots to eat in this town.

After some food and drink, we headed back to my hotel so that we could try a slightly different mood of image.  Back here we shot a lingerie set and a few topless images.  I found it quite difficult due to the light (I didn’t have a room blessed with as much natural light as the year before) and lack of my experience in this kind of image, however we still got a few cool shots I reckon.  One of the funniest moments was when Alice realised we had an audience whilst out on the balcony.  I turned around to find 4 or 5 guys practically falling off their balcony opposite trying to see what we were doing!

Our last shots of the day were on the rooftop swimming pool.  Just before sunset the light turned golden and we were lucky to virtually have the pool to ourselves.

Looking back on this shoot, I’m really pleased with the images that I got.  Alice has such an incredible personality and I hope you can see some of that.  She laughed non-stop and was so easy going.  She really made shooting a great experience and I’d totally recommend working with her if you can.  She also has a You Tube channel – check it out!


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