Ava Grey & The Hotel Room

Not long had passed since the trip to London, but with a bit more time off work (I was using up all the accrued time over-hanging from Covid!) Ava and I got chatting about having a second shoot. We’d both had so much fun on the first that we were anxious for another.

With it now deep into autumn we chose a completely different vibe to to the summer beach shoot a few months earlier and whereas that had focused more on lifestyle and swimwear themes, this one was going to be a boudoir/lingerie erotic mix.

As always, and if I’m completely honest, we simply picked a date and location and then made it up as we went!

The great thing about shooting with Ava is just how completely comfortable we are with each other. It makes for great energy and we spend most of our time just giggling and laughing. Ava was full of confidence and I think it came across in the shots as we flowed from one into another.

At the beginning of the day I really hadn’t been too sure about what we’d accomplish as there were so many variables (for example, who knew what kind of room we’d get given?), yet a few hours later I was beaming with probably my favourite shoot of the year. Ava absolutely smashed it and I already couldn’t wait until we’d get another chance to shoot again …

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