A Snapshot of London

So the mini-trip to London had included both the fashion show and a shoot with Sim, but there was a third subject I wanted to capture on this visit. A snapshot of London itself.

For those few days I kept the camera close to hand and tried to shoot things that looked interesting to me. Some touristy shots, some street shots and a few attempts at trying to find something original (not sure I achieved that one!).

Shooting in London is super fun. There’s so much going on all of the time that you can always find a subject of interest and if street photography is something you’re interested in then it’s easy to blend into the background … something someone with my confidence finds appealing!

The following are those shots I bagged over these few days and if I mix them in with everything else really help to tell the story of that weekend. This was actually my last visit to London, so a year and a half on it’s really time I thought about getting back!

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