Nikita Crombie

I love photography.  As you may have been able to tell from the few posts I’ve put up so far, my direction has always been primarily concentrated toward landscapes.  For a long time though, I’ve been enviously following lots of talented portrait photographers on platforms such as Flickr and Instagram longing to do similar work myself (Think of people like Van styles).  I still love landscapes and travel photography – I just see portraiture as something different upon which to expand my horizons.  I especially love low key images and fine art, often with a sensual feel. I guess I’ve a long way to reach that level but for now I’ll take any experience I can get.

The following photos are from a conceptual studio workshop I took part in at the beginning of December.  They’re called Devon Photography Training and Gemma who runs the courses is an excellent tutor.  I had such a good time and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who fancied doing something similar.

The subject is the beautiful Nikita Crombie.  I’ve never worked with a model before and I think I’d be hard pushed to find someone more patient, kind and hard working.  She’s a natural and made it all so easy.

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