The Climber

This has to be about the fastest time that something I've seen or photographed has been edited and turned into a blog post.  I'd like a 'Well Done' sticker please.  Or maybe some house points. A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend to take some portrait shots of her whilst climbing, a … Continue reading The Climber

Kirsty Morris

Kirsty Morris in Plymouth

So ... it was my intention to ensure that 2016 has at a minimum 1 post a month.  Well, January has been and gone ... and no post! Perhaps I can make up for it with a double post in February?  Bear with me, please ... Back in July I was offered the opportunity to … Continue reading Kirsty Morris in Plymouth

Nikita Crombie

Nikita Crombie

I love photography.  As you may have been able to tell from the few posts I've put up so far, my direction has always been primarily concentrated toward landscapes.  For a long time though, I've been enviously following lots of talented portrait photographers on platforms such as Flickr and Instagram longing to do similar work myself … Continue reading Nikita Crombie