Bluebell Fields

The Bluebell Park

Spring is my most favourite time of year.  Growing up in the countryside you're acutely aware of it.  The birds start to sing, the hedgerows come to life and trees start to leaf.  Days become longer and you feel happy to be alive. One of the most beautiful sights in England are the bluebell fields … Continue reading The Bluebell Park

Nikita Crombie

Nikita Crombie

I love photography.  As you may have been able to tell from the few posts I've put up so far, my direction has always been primarily concentrated toward landscapes.  For a long time though, I've been enviously following lots of talented portrait photographers on platforms such as Flickr and Instagram longing to do similar work myself … Continue reading Nikita Crombie

The Salmon Leap

A Dartmoor Autumn

Lots of local photographers seem to start rushing around and gathering their Autumn images as early as the end of September.  For me, this is somewhat early - I much prefer the rich colours of fall as we head into November with the crisp mornings and fresh air beginning to hint toward the icy and bleak grip of … Continue reading A Dartmoor Autumn