The Red Centre

Although this was a part of The Groovy Grape trip, I felt due to the subject it was worth a post all of its own.  I just didn’t want to overload the previous post with too many photos!

The Red Centre pretty much included the reasons why I booked this trip –  Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata-Tjuta (The Olgas/Valley of the Winds) and Kings Canyon.

Not much can prepare you for the first sight of Uluru.  From a landscape of emptiness and flatness suddenly looms a huge rock … and I mean huge.  We saw sunrise and sunset over Uluru and the dawn walk of the base perimeter was epic (even though I was rather distracted by a pretty Irish girl!).

I think Kata-Tjuta was probably the most spectacular and again, we trekked around and through it … I can remember how hot it got on this one.  Hard work!

Kings Canyon was our final trip.  We started on a beautiful morning but our guide warned us that if we started later it would be impossible to complete due to the high temperatures.  Heart Attack Hill at the beginning nearly took a few victims, but we were soon enjoying the fantastic views.

I’m so glad I did this trip.  To go all the way to Australia and miss this would have been so incredibly foolish.  It might have nearly maxed out the credit card, but it was worth it.

That was the last big Australian adventure.  As I’ve mentioned before I then flew back to Sydney for a final couple of weeks … and then … Singapore.

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