Bangkok Nights

And onto the last photo shoot of my Thailand trip, which also happened to be my last shoot of year, which will make this my final post from 2017!

Having had such a super fun shoot with Nelly (Tegoshimiwa) in 2016 we had continued to speak throughout the year and agreed to shoot again on this trip before I left the country.  I decided the best time would be the day before I left when I’d be in Bangkok again and this time, we’d shoot in the late afternoon sun in order to get something very different to last time.

My bus got in from Pattaya on time, so after checking into the hotel and grabbing a quick shower I headed down to the hotel lobby to wait for Nelly to show up.  And I waited.  And I waited some more.  Unfortunately Nelly had been caught up in the notorious Bangkok traffic … it took her nearly another 2 hours and long after sunset to reach me!

And just like that, our afternoon golden hour shoot had turned into another exploration of Bangkok after dark!

Not wanting to shoot where my hotel was based, we jumped on a couple of bikes and headed off to Chinatown which not only promised some cool sights, but was a part of the city I’d wanted to see anyway.  After shooting there for a while and struggling with the crowds, Nelly had the fantastic idea of heading to CentralWorld – a huge shopping centre with a large outside display of neon lighting.

Arriving at CentralWorld we again had crowds to contend with who all seemed to have the same idea as us!  Nelly is a pro however and was very patient and eventually we managed to get some shots that I thought were super cool.

It was a long, hard night with lots of travelling but so much fun. Nelly really is a great person to work with and I hope I’ll get another chance again one day!

The next day I was packing my bags and heading to the airport.  Another year’s trip finished!

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