After my Thailand adventures I settled myself in for a long winter.  I knew the next few months would be pretty depressing with the cold English weather, lack of light and usual work demands and pressures back upon me.  I expected nothing of interest to happen in my life for quite a while!

In mid-January however, a casting on Purpleport caught my eye.  Dea Dicapria, a model whose work I had admired for a long time was visiting Taunton for a weekend and were there any photographers interested in shooting?  I couldn’t believe that a model of Dea’s standing would be visiting so locally and figuring it a once in a blue moon opportunity messaged her.  A few e-mails later and we had a shoot confirmed!

However, things didn’t quite go to plan with first Dea missing her train from London and then her accommodation for the weekend falling through. It didn’t seem like it would happen.  But we stayed in touch and then a few days later, I realised we had a window of opportunity if I could get myself to London the following weekend.   Before I knew it, I had a bus ticket booked in!

Saturday came and I hopped on the coach to London.  As I got closer and closer to the capital the weather got worse and worse.  We had been planning some winter street fashion shots, but with a mixture of snow, hail and rain storms that looked very unlikely!  By the time I had got to the apartment Dea was staying in it was nearly dark already … and it was only 2pm!

With the weather ruining any chance of shooting outside, we struggled to think of what to do until Dea had a great idea – we could shoot in an underground car park that the photographer she was staying with had used for a photoshoot once before.  As I may have mentioned in another posting, my camera (Canon 1100D) is only entry level and struggles terribly with low light and high ISO’s, but in the absence of any other options I went for it.  Despite the difficulties of the light, this is where Dea really showed her insane skills and helped me to get some images I was really pleased with.  Another bonus was the warmth of being underground!

Finishing up I was desperate for a coffee so we stopped off in the local Pret on the walk back.  The lighting here was kinda cool, so once we’d ordered I managed to get a few shots through the windows to give me a second set with an entirely different mood.

My first shoot of 2018 was unexpected in its planning and certainly didn’t turn out the way I had thought it might.  I managed to shoot with an amazing model however and got some cool images to add to my portfolio.

Dea is a travelling model and one of the finest around.  If she comes to a city near you, you should definitely shoot with her!

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