Ploy in Chinatown

After having such an enjoyable shoot with Ploy the previous year I was excited at the opportunity to work with her again.  We messaged occasionally via either Facebook or PurplePort and when she learned I was heading back to Thailand she immediately proposed a street shoot in Chinatown.

I’d visited Chinatown with Nelly the year before, but we’d been there at night.  I was quite excited at the thought of a daylight shoot there and I figured it would also give me a good opportunity to have a look around.

We met just after lunchtime at the Shanghai Mansion on Yaowarat Road, right in the heart of Chinatown and enjoyed a quick drink whilst I caught up with Ploy and her husband Maxx.

I then let Maxx and Ploy take over for the next few hours as they led me through the busy streets allowing me to take in the location and stop wherever I wanted for pictures.  As the afternoon went on we worked our way out to the train station and then back upon ourselves as dusk settled.

It was a pretty incredible afternoon and I took hundreds of shots.  Ploy really has to be one of the most incredible models I’ve worked with.  Maxx was fantastic too with encouraging words, good company and a very helpful light assistant as the daylight diminished.

At the end of our shoot we sat down with a round of beers to recap and Maxx and Ploy asked me out to dinner at one of their favourite restaurants.  This really made my day and we headed out to the Maldives restaurant for beautiful Thai food and more beers.

I already knew Ploy and Maxx were great people, but this day and evening really allowed me to get to know them better and I was very grateful for their kindness and hospitality.

I only managed this one shoot on 2018’s trip due to illness, but if you’re only going to do one shoot you’d best make it a special one!

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