Strictly speaking, I’m skipping a post here.  After working with Dicapria, I took a few months break from photographing models and didn’t do another shoot until the end of May.  I’m not posting that one just yet though.  Instead I’m going to take you to early July and the first shoot I did with Jaime-Lee.

The reason for jumping a post is that after this initial shoot with Jaime we shot again.  Then again. And again and again.  If I post each shoot we did in date order then this blog will begin to look like hers instead of mine in no time at all!

So, early July.  I was a bit miserable as my car had just failed it’s pre-MOT check and I’d had to scrap it.  That meant I was carless.  And it was the week of my birthday too!

Logging onto Purpleport one night I had a message from Jaime-Lee.  She’d somehow found my work and decided to drop me a message to see if I fancied shooting.  At this time Jaime didn’t have many images in her portfolio, but I took one look at what there was and knew we just had to shoot.  There was so much potential!

On a Sunday afternoon we met at St Davids, grabbed a coffee and then took the train down to Dawlish Warren. I’d told Jaime I fancied doing some simple portraits in a lifestyle fashion.  Neutral colours, laid back nothing too far out there.  As it turns out Jaime was super prepared with several outfits, all in different styles.

Almost from the very first shot I took, we knew we were on a successful shoot.  Starting off overcast, as we worked our way down the beach the light became golden and we experimented with some swimwear shots and a beautiful dress Jaime had.  We were having so much fun we nearly missed the train back and had to run for it in a mad dash!

I didn’t realise at the time, but this really would be the first of many shoots.  A few days later I took Jaime up on her recommendation of trying some Stand Up Paddleboarding  (her summer job in Sidmouth) and a couple of weeks later we shot again in Torquay.

For anyone looking for a professional and dedicated model to work with, look no further than Jaime.  She’s great!


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