Jaime-Lee in Torquay

Not long after my first shoot with Jaime-Lee we found ourselves arranging a second one.  This time though we were going to make a whole day of it and on top of that, we were going to work with two other photographers (Elliye and Steven) and take it in turns to shoot different sets!

For the first time ever, I decided to prepare a little for this and spent an hour or so on the Saturday preceding walking around charity stores in Exeter looking for pieces of clothing that I thought we could shoot in.  I remember being pretty nervous after I’d bought them and sending the photos over to Jaime … fortunately for me she seemed to like them!

The days shoot was the idea of Eleanor’s and after picking up Jaime, we drove down to Torquay to meet at her apartment.  Between us all we shot several different sets, but my favourite was actually one where we headed outside at golden hour and I managed to capture some hazy shots of Jaime in one of the dresses I’d bought. It had huge festival boho vibes which I loved!

This shoot also presented me with a chance to finish off a roll of film I had in a camera I’d been given at work. I had no idea if it even worked, so I didn’t take too many shots on it.  Just enough for a test.  See what you think!

We finished the shoot off with a set at night on the apartments balcony and some fairy lights.  I wasn’t sure I’d manage to capture anything at all, but in the end we managed a few.

So that was shoot two done.  Shoot number three was right around the corner …

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