Ikea Adventures

It’s been a little while since my last post.  The reason? Yes, you guessed it.  The annual pilgrimage to Thailand for a few weeks of sun and fun!  I’m back to winter now though and have plenty of blog posts and editing to catch up with!

Right now these posts are still around the summer of 2018 and this entry is no exception.  For our third shoot Jaime-Lee had a couple of concepts she was super keen to shoot.

  • To shoot in a launderette with a 50’s twist.
  • To shoot in Ikea.

Although I had some reservations, I was pretty game to give this a go.  Jaime and I had been having so much fun on our adventures that I figured it would be a good laugh at the very least!

We started the day off in a small launderette close to a house I used to share in the St. James area of Exeter.  It was raining heavily outside and the light wasn’t great as a result but fortunately we did manage to get the place to ourselves.  It’s not my most favourite set in the world, but Jaime had styled it well which helped make some cool shots.

After we were finished we headed off to the new Ikea, which would be my first trip there and also my first to Ikea since visiting one when I lived in Brisbane 10 years earlier!  I was a bit nervous about this and had visions of us being asked to leave by staff, but I didn’t want to wimp out in front of Jaime so pretended to be more confident than I really was!

Although it’s true we had an eye over our shoulders all the time, it was so busy that even if the staff did see us I’m not sure they really cared! Again it’s actually a tricky environment to shoot in but we managed a bit of variety and I was fairly happy with what we got.

Finally, although not originally planned we headed back into the city centre for a coffee and I managed to use the opportunity to shoot a few coffee shop frames which is something I’d wanted to tick off the list with Jaime ever since first trying with Dicapria at the turn of the year.

All in all a fun, but tricky day that pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Our next shoot would be more my style …



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