The Cheongsam

For this third post in a row, I’m showing the results of a shoot with Jaime-Lee.  We really did shoot a whole bunch in the summer of 2018!

If the last shoot was all Jaime’s idea, then this one was mine.  For a couple of year’s now I’d thought about how good it would be to shoot in Thailand with a traditional dress.  I’ve never managed to get around to that though!  In conversation with Jaime however, I soon learned she had a Qipao (the formal term for the female Cheongsam) and the idea for a shoot using it was quickly sown in my mind.  The Cheongsam is a beautiful Chinese dress popularised in Shanghai between the 1920’s to 1940’s.

I had a pretty simple plan.  I knew a good spot on Dartmoor close to where I grew up and figured it would provide a good backdrop where the dress wouldn’t look out of place.  I figured we’d use the golden light of sunset and I also threw in my speed light as I had a secret plan for a second set!

When I picked Jaime up I was blown away.  The dress was beautiful and she looked stunning wearing it.  I was already happy and I hadn’t taken a single shot yet!

The light was pretty strong at the location and it proved harder than I thought getting the shots I wanted as I hadn’t accounted for all the crazy highlights.  We got a few though and after packing up, I said to Jaime I had a plan for just a few more shots … I could tell she wasn’t thrilled, but I promised her it would be worth it! (and held my breath as heaven knows how to use a speed light!)

A few minutes from the reservoir we pulled up to Blackingstone Rock.  Jaime was not especially happy when I told her we were climbing to the top!  Once up there though she agreed we had a pretty stunning view.  The wind had picked up though and it was getting really cold.  In addition, the sunset was fading by the minute.  I quickly set up and fired a few shots.  As soon as Jaime saw the first one we knew it was all worth it!

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