Jaime-Lee Burke

The Cheongsam

For this third post in a row, I'm showing the results of a shoot with Jaime-Lee.  We really did shoot a whole bunch in the summer of 2018! If the last shoot was all Jaime's idea, then this one was mine.  For a couple of year's now I'd thought about how good it would be … Continue reading The Cheongsam


One Evening a Month …

I don't really do New Year resolutions, but this year one of the thoughts I had was that I'd try to continue with the latter half of past year and ensure I upload at least one post a month.  Today is the 31st January so I'm already cutting it fine! The other "resolution" is to learn … Continue reading One Evening a Month …

The Salmon Leap

A Dartmoor Autumn

Lots of local photographers seem to start rushing around and gathering their Autumn images as early as the end of September.  For me, this is somewhat early - I much prefer the rich colours of fall as we head into November with the crisp mornings and fresh air beginning to hint toward the icy and bleak grip of … Continue reading A Dartmoor Autumn


The New Year … and Middle Earth.

Well, New Year has come and gone. The truth is, I hate this time of year. Christmas and New Year are the only highlights, and New Year itself is always rather underwhelming. This time 5 years ago I was in the middle of an adventure overseas (lots of posts about that will follow in due … Continue reading The New Year … and Middle Earth.

River Dart, Dartmeet

The Beginning

Well, here's the first entry on my blog and I think we'll keep it short and simple until I begin to work out how things work! It was my friends birthday at the end of November. Not a significant birthday this year other than it unfortunately falls upon the anniversary of a close friend who … Continue reading The Beginning