Fairground Attractions

The next shoot of the summer of 2018 with Jaime-Lee was another of her own desire and vision.

Jaime had become aware of a indoor fairground operating near the western border of Devon, had seen a few photos from other people shooting there and was taken with the place.  By this point Jaime had grown a lot in confidence and was working with lots of other photographers and so it came as a bit of a surprise when she asked if I’d be the one to take on these shots.

As was so often with our shoots, I got excited by the idea, a bit flattered and said yes without thinking about the practicalities! At this point I had a fairly basic entry level camera which I knew would struggle in the light. On a rainy day in August it’s also a super busy environment so I knew the flash gun probably would be very unwelcome.  By this point I was already in too deep …

I phoned ahead the day before and asked if we were OK to shoot there.  The answer was a straight ‘yes’.  This made me laugh later as I learned another local photographer was asked to leave after using flash on his shoot having not checked.  I did wonder if I’d have met the same fate, whether I had called ahead or not! (The website does say photography welcome as long as not for commercial use).

My favourite shots of the shoot came after an after an outfit change as we moved into the main building and used some of the incredible pieces as props and backdrops.

Dingles Heritage Fairground is a great place to visit and I’d definitely recommend a rainy afternoon there to anyone.  I have to admit, Jaime and I enjoyed a couple of rides whilst we were there too!

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