It seemed no sooner had we finished one shoot, then Jaime had an idea for another.  As the summer progressed I found myself falling further and further behind with my processing – but we were having so much fun and I knew I’d only have the opportunity of a few more weeks before Jaime would be heading off to university. Shoot now, edit later; that was my motto.

Next up on the list was an idea Jaime had of shooting in a cornfield close to her home.  Shooting amongst maize is something I’ve always wanted to try, though the styling Jaime came up with wasn’t something I’d have ever envisioned – kind of a “southern gothic aesthetic” – of which the description I’ve completely lifted off her Instagram tags!

After shooting in the field we then headed off to a different location Jaime had visited with another photographer a few weeks before.  She wanted somewhere that would be quiet and derelict in nature to shoot a kinky/dominatrix themed set.  Well out of my comfort zone … but OK, I’ll roll with it!  In order to shoot these we had to break out my flash.  Something I’m still not massively confident with and still finding my way.  Quite a few shots I had to throw away later.  Definitely something to learn from, especially accurately focusing in low light!

Lastly, before getting some Chinese takeout (as was our post shoot custom) we shot a handful of noisy street images around Princesshay in Exeter, which was something I’d personally wanted to get when planning the day.   I’m not sure many worked in the end, but there were just a couple which gave the vibe I was looking for.

Jaime called one the shots ‘Dragon’.  You can probably guess why …

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