God Save Queens

You might think that being on lockdown I’d be able to spend more time working on my photo backlog and blog posts.  It turns out that’s not been the case so far at all.  In fact, working from home equals even more hours spent in the working week than usual!

I’ve managed to get some time to myself over this Easter weekend though and realised it’s high time I published another post on here.  Hopefully I can get myself back on schedule from here on out.

I have only a few posts from 2018 left to share now and here’s the first of those remaining three.

As we counted the weeks down before Jaime went to Durham for University, Jaime had a shoot in mind where she wanted to capture herself modelling with her harp on the beach.  I figured I was game for that and on a distinctly autumnal day we met up and headed for Branscombe.

We began by getting the shots we’d come to get; Jaime in a beautiful dress and the harp with the ocean as our backdrop. After completing that initial set, Jaime had bought along some other outfits including another beautiful dress and some bikinis. The weather wasn’t kind to us, but it did at least mean we pretty much had the beach to ourselves to capture whatever we wanted!

I ended up processing the first set of this shoot quite quickly as Jaime wanted the harp images speedily. I did that back on my old computer and a copy of Radlab.  The rest of it I did much later using Lightroom and some awesome presets from Jamie Windsor. I think you can see a fair difference in the way they’ve been edited!

Branscombe is a really cool little place and I definitely need to head out there again for another shoot – this shoot is the first and only time I’ve been to date!

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