The Easter Princess

It’s taken a while to reach this post and edit the photos, but here’s the last time (for now) that Jaime and I worked together!

Back in April last year Jaime was back for the Easter holidays and so we planned a short shoot in Teignmouth to get some images of a couple of outfits she wanted to capture.

When the day came we had some beautiful sunshine … and a tremendously cold wind blowing in off the sea! We were outside of the car for 5 minutes and I was already freezing … and I was the one wearing a coat!

Although I’d planned to use the pier and seafront, it was far too exposed to the extremities so in order to find some shelter we moved onto the back beach using the beach huts as a wind break. I don’t know how Jaime managed it, but she managed to keep things together to mask just how cold it really was!

We shot the second set on the back beach too, but by the time we reached these I’m not sure either of us had much heart left in us for shooting. A handful of images later and we ran for the shelter of a chip shop!

As always with Jaime it was a fun shoot and good to catch up with her. The styling wasn’t my usual thing, but Jaime constantly pushes me to try things I’m unsure of and that’s usually a good thing!

So, that’s it for images with Jaime. I guess we’d best do another shoot again sometime soon!

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