Koh Torbados

Having shot twice over the course of only a couple of weeks, Linda was keen to shoot again whilst she was in Devon.  Moving away from Exeter for a short while, she was now staying in an annexe/apartment to a beautiful manor house right in the middle of Torquay and thought the lush grounds would be perfect to get some swimwear/beach style images.

I arrived in the middle of the afternoon and spent a bit of time playing with Lylar, Linda’s dog whilst waiting for Linda to finish getting ready (and pick her outfits!).

We began by shooting in the gardens of the main house with a couple of  different bikini sets.  The main house was also being let as holiday accommodation, so when the family staying here returned from a day on the beach we retreated to a more private area and shot some implied images, which turned out to be my favourite of the day.

Even though the light had gone, Linda wanted just one final set of pictures taken.  We decided to head down to Meadfoot Beach where I thought the colour of the beach huts might go well with her choice of swimwear.

And that was our day!  The afternoon flew by with lots of laughter … in fact we were having so much fun Linda nearly forgot about her date that night and we had to rush back so she could get ready for him to pick her up! (we didn’t make it fast enough!)

I actually thought following this we might shoot more, but although we’ve seen each other on several occasions since the talk of more photos hasn’t yet come up.

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