Fashions Finest

In September last year (coincidentally a year to the day of this being posted!) I visited London for a day out at the invitation of a friend, who had asked me if I wanted to take some photos of her designs being shown at ‘Fashions Finest‘, part of London Fashion Week 2019.

Initially I was going to decline as I didn’t think my photography would be good enough for her. She reassured me though that she’d arranged for a couple of other photographers to attend, so for me, it could simply be some fun!

Despite the pressure being off, it proved the catalyst for me to finally replace my camera (the Canon 1100D) with a slightly more recent model (the 77D). There’s simply no way the 1100D could have handled shooting in that kind of lighting and I wanted to be able to give her something! As it happens, I struggled with the 77D too, but I think that’s a lot down to the lens choice – I simply don’t own a fast telephoto lens.

I had a lot of fun. It was a strange feeling heading to the Congress Centre and collecting my press pass in order to get into the hall. I then chatted away to a few other photographers whilst pretending I wasn’t completely out of my depth!

Shokushu Boutique were first on, so I didn’t even have a chance to fully get my bearings. The designs were amazing (I already knew they would be good) and I snapped away frantically from the edge of the runway. It was over before I knew it, so for the rest of the show I wandered around the edges of the audience trying to get some documentary shots and make the experience my own. It wasn’t easy jostling with all the other photographers in the prime spots!

Here’s a pick of the images I took and I hope they give a good idea of the show. The quality isn’t the same as I’ve seen from other photographers there, but it was great for me learn from. It amazed me how quick it all passed and it was certainly an interesting experience!

I’m hugely grateful for Shokushu for inviting me along and if you get the chance, do check out her work. She’s an insanely talented designer!

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