The Beauty of Summer

After working with E I had rediscovered a taste for shooting and although I still had a hefty backlog of images (still do actually!) I was anxious to get another shoot in soon before the summer was over.

I had booked a week off work covering my birthday in July and felt this presented the perfect opportunity for me. This time though I didn’t want to stay local and wanted more of an adventure.

I had been in contact for quite a while with a beautiful Thai model (she prefers to remain nameless, so I’ll refer to her here a simply ‘T’) whose work I was really impressed with. This seemed like an ideal chance to head up to (near) London to work with her. I was so lucky in that she was game for me visiting and with amazing kindness offered to not just put me up for the night, but to also drive me back to Devon the following day as she had a full weekend of shooting booked with another photographer!

So I headed up to London where I planned to spend some time getting some street shots before catching the train onto my next destination. Typically though, my coach to London was late and there was no time for street shooting. In fact, I was racing against time just to make it to where I needed to go.

T was wonderful though and picked me up at the station shortly after I arrived. After a quick stop at her house, we headed out into the local town for some simple fashion and lifestyle shots. Time was short as the sun was setting and we had to be at a certain place for a certain time for her family commitments, but with someone like T it’s so easy to get a shot and even though I was annoyed at my photography skills, I couldn’t have been more happy with all that T did.

A little later in the evening, we returned home and started using T’s home studio for some more shots. I started off experimenting with my flash gun but abandoned this as I wasn’t happy with the results. In hindsight, I should have persevered. T has continuous lights in her studio and I struggled a little with this as my camera wasn’t that great and getting sharp shots is so difficult (I have since upgraded). Nevertheless, I was still pretty happy with the outcome.

All in all we only shot for just over an hour and half and in that time, I can hardly believe all we captured.

After calling it a night, T cooked me a beautiful stir fry which I simply couldn’t get enough of. We then chatted about her life in Thailand before coming to England. It was fascinating and she’s such an interesting person. Although she doesn’t have much time to post, you can see her blog here and it’s well worth a follow.

The following day T drove me back to Exeter and although we weren’t shooting, it was almost as much fun as we joked and laughed all the way. In fact, if I’m honest I was really quite jealous when she eventually dropped me off to say goodbye and to go and meet her next photographer!

As you can tell, I was really quite taken with T – she’s a beautiful person, fun to work with and great at what she does. I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough and if you’re a photographer who stumbles across this and knows her, please book her for a shoot as you won’t regret it!

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