A beautiful and wild Summer

To those few people who stumble across this blog (mostly myself in a few months time!) I wish you a happy new year. I truly hope 2022 is brighter than the past couple of years and that we can finally begin to see an end to the pandemic. For selfish reasons, I just want us to go back as before with the freedom to travel and live a life less restrictions.

I’m a little out of synch with my posts, but I’m going to begin my 2022 blog entries with the second shoot I enjoyed back in 2020. This obviously was the year Covid-19 hit us and I hadn’t done a thing from January until mid-July (when I shot with ‘E’). That had been such a fun evening (I’ll post that one soon) that I was quite keen to do more and with government restrictions (at least temporarily) eased for the summer I knew I would jump at another chance when the right opportunity came along.

That chance presented itself very soon as ‘T‘ (who I had photographed in 2019) let me know she was heading down to Devon on holiday and would I like to shoot whilst she was there? The answer of course was ‘YES’!

I immediately had a plan for what we could do. I have a ‘secret’ (well, it’s not very secret to those of us who live here) beach on the Devon/Cornwall border which is spectacular. It always makes me think of the beach from the end of ‘The Goonies’ with an expanse of sand, wild rocky formations and a huge waterfall. My idea was to get here to do a set with the waterfall as a backdrop and then shoot some sunset shots (the beach faces west) at the end of the afternoon.

As it turned out, my plan didn’t quite work! We managed to shoot a really fun beach set, but as the sun disappeared behind clouds and the wind picked up poor ‘T’ began to really feel the cold. It was soon obvious there was no way we’d manage to make it out all the way to sunset!

So, we shot as much as we could and managed three sets altogether covering some very different styles. ‘T’ once again was the best company possible. Despite obviously feeling the cold, she didn’t complain and did her very best to get images we’d be proud of. Both of us were in awe of the surroundings and it was a perfect setting. It was great to see her again and although we didn’t shoot in 2021 I’m hoping we’ll be able to do so again this coming year.

T … you’re amazing!

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