Exeter on Film

One final post before the end of an incredibly difficult 2020. For those of you who read this, I wish you a very happy Christmas and I hope that 2021 is far kinder to you than the previous 12 months.

This post takes us back to the end of Summer in 2019. The 25th August 2019 to be precise. I know because I wrote it down!

For a while I’ve been enjoying the aesthetic of film photography more and more and one of my friends, Abz has also found himself exploring this medium further and further. We decided one random day that we’d meet up and spend an hour or so walking the local streets and shooting a couple of rolls of film. We were joined by Abz’s cousin who was studying photography at university (I’d link her, but I can’t remember any of her contact details!).

After a a coffee at our favourite coffee house we headed onto the streets for some late afternoon sun.

I began the shoot by finishing the roll that was already in my camera, an expired film from 1997 that I’d been given by a model friend Shannie earlier in the year. Experimental! When this was finished I popped in a roll of Agfa Vista, shooting on my Minolta 800si with a Tamron 28-200mm lens.

We started off at Cathedral Green, before moving along the High St into Gandy Street, leading into Queen Street, back through The Guildhall and once again into the High Street. No rules, just snapping anything that caught our eyes.

You’ll find one or two of Abz’s shots on his website here. Mine are below and although I wouldn’t say there’s anything amazing, I hope it helps to show off the city I call home.

I love the vibe of film and street photography is something I admire so much – just look at the shots Abz has on his website. Definitely something to work on and improve upon for next year.

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