The Stroll to Soi Cowboy

November (2019) came around once more and yet again I found myself boarding a flight to Thailand. This would be my 5th trip since 2015 and was becoming an annual habit. If it wasn’t for Covid-19 I’m pretty sure I’d have gone last year too.

The crazy thing is that every time I find myself at the departure gate in Heathrow it feels like the time between trips is shorter and shorter. I guess that’s a sign of getting older!

Once again I based myself in Bangkok for the first few nights right in the heart of the nightlife. I just love the energy in the area with so much going on day and night. On my first day I did a shoot with a local model Sara, who I will post about next. One of the things I hadn’t yet done in Bangkok though is to shoot any street. Having enjoyed it in London a couple of months earlier I was determined to give it a go on this trip.

So, with the best intentions I headed up Soi 4 and meandered down Sukhumvit Road to the world famous Soi Cowboy (a red light district, featured in The Hangover 2) and back again. Unfortunately for me the light was pretty flat and I was quickly tired out from the jet lag and heat. This meant I wasn’t too inspired shooting, still, I think that happens sometimes. The best street photos tend to be from people who have frequented an area often and have a sense for the light and moment already. Nevertheless, it was fun and if nothing else it’s captured a part of my travels here that I hadn’t previously.

Next time, be that the end of this year or 2022 (let’s face it, who knows right now?) I’ll focus my photography on Chinatown … that will be epic!

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