No sooner was I back from Thailand and I found myself heading out onto another shoot. I think I must have been going insane as I was giving myself a horrendous amount of images to work through!

Love-Lee and I had been talking for several months about working together though and I just couldn’t resist once she said she was free and keen to shoot. I’d seen some her work with local photographers and was really impressed at how emotive she was on camera. Being as passionate about the arts as she was, in particular dance, she has a way of really injecting mood and feeling into her shots.

In truth, my last few shoots had all been a bit polished and glamour based for my tastes and I wanted something a little more real. Once again, with feeling.

So, on a cold December morning Love-Lee headed over to my house and we drove down to Torquay. I’d shot once around the pier and harbour area before and felt it would be a good location. It’s also somewhere that Love-Lee hadn’t shot at before either.

The light was quite funny that morning, but fortunately we had the pier almost all to ourselves. We then dodged a huge rainstorm before finishing up amongst the lobster pots on the harbour. It was only a short shoot, but I was actually really happy with the outcome and they definitely came out how I was hoping for.

You can find more of Love-Lee’s work on her own website here: and I recommend spending some time taking in her creativity and gleaning what you can from her art. She’s unique.

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