My final shoot of 2019’s trip was with Fernie Warisa. A year or so earlier I’d been chatting with a Flickr contact, a jolly nice chap also called James who travelled to Thailand to shoot regularly. He showed me a post of some girls he’d met working at Hooters in Patpong and recommended me making touch as they were also talented models. From there I dropped Fernie a tentative message and next thing I knew we had a shoot booked in!

As always I was a bit nervous when meeting someone new, but Fernie had so much energy that I didn’t have a chance to think about anything other than the next shot. The first memory I have that stands out was Fernie’s sun tan. She’d been working the previous day for Kinnaree Magazine and had done a golden tape shoot (think no clothes, just carefully placed patches of golden tape). I’ve since seen the images and they’re fantastic, but it left her with the funniest of suntans! A little bit patchy! Oh well, can’t do much about that!

We started off by re-visiting the derelict McDonalds I’d visited with Nan-Lisa a day or so before. This time though we snuck onto the roof and made the most of having it all to ourselves. After this we returned to the hotel for some golden light on the balcony.

The second part of the shoot was me exploring a little more into a more boudoir/erotic type shoot (less the nudity). With the natural light fading fast the lighting is entirely ambient and a little grainy. That’s kind of the look I was going for and I’m pretty happy how they turned out. Fernie needed no direction, she was such a dream to photograph.

Before wrapping up we returned to the balcony and I tried a few shots to light Fernie up against the dying embers of the Pattaya sunset.

Since our shoot Fernie has really gone to great strengths with her modelling work. For a time she was working with some adult companies and I even saw her name in the English mainstream papers a few times when they wrote articles on her work and Only Fans. She was becoming more and more famous!

For me, Fernie was the perfect person to finish my model shoots with on this trip. We laughed non-stop and she worked so hard to help us get good photos. I’ll definitely be dropping her a message on my next visit!

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