A Decade Nears An End

July 2020 and the marking of my final year in my 30’s.

This isn’t a post full of pretty pictures, but more of an entry to recap one of the better days of the year. After all, the winter hadn’t yet finished before we were plunged into Covid lockdowns. Any plans I had for an exciting birthday were over long before they even started. I’d have been lucky to even have a coffee in a cafe at this point!

With the weather being so nice we decided it would make a fun afternoon to head up onto Mardon Down (above Moretonhampstead, my home town) for a birthday picnic. ‘We’ being my Mum, her partner Stuart and my sister with her family.

It was a baking … and I mean baking hot day. Absolutely beautiful, though we desperately needed shade! We had a great little picnic and then did a circular walk of the common and I had a quick flight of my drone which little Sav’s and Sam (niece and nephew) loved.

It was a thoroughly pleasant day and a special time. Events later in the year would cause me to cast my thoughts back quite regularly to this day (I will probably cover that in a later post) which is another reason for including here. Something I can look back upon.

Family is important; even for someone like me who struggles at the things everyone else seems to find very naturally.

Make the most of the times you have.

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