A Part Of V

For my mini trip to London I had also arranged a second shoot with another model whose work I had fallen in love with. Although the winter of 2020 was my first for a few years without heading overseas, I figured I’d still use my week off to get as many shoots done as possible and make believe I was somewhere else.

I’d spotted V on Purpleport first, and then followed her Instagram and the quality of her work really blew me away. She’s shot all over the world with some terrific photographers and I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work with her myself. Since our shoot she’s taken her modelling in a different direction and so with that knowledge, I will only refer to her as V and not identify her any further.

I met up with V on the final day of my trip. It was freezing cold and the rain came in heavy. Fortunately for me, V had a studio we had arranged to shoot in and so it was easy to head across London safe in the knowledge we had somewhere we could use.

I have to admit, I was a bit awestruck at the beginning of the session and struggled to even get coherent words out of my mouth, let alone work out any potential shots. Fortunately for me, V had plenty of ideas and it wasn’t long before we were throwing ideas at each other and getting creative.

After a couple of hours we wrapped up but with it still raining heavily, V took pity on me and we ended up ordering in Chinese food for lunch and chatting about all sorts of things for what seemed like ages. Time certainly flies by quickly when you’re in good company and V has led an extraordinary life.

I hope you enjoy the pictures we captured that day, it’s a different vibe to the shoot I had 24 hours earlier, but it’s one I’m still really proud of.

2 thoughts on “A Part Of V

  1. James,
    I’m fortunate to have been following you for quite a few years now, and have enjoyed watching you grow as a photographer. Your work has become that which anyone would be envious of, and I congratulate you for becoming who you are, with a style of your own. I’m also eager to see what’s to come in the future. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so very much James. This is the kindest comment and I really appreciate it. As you know, photography for me is just escapism and fun, but if other people enjoy it too then that makes me happy. The future of course includes a collaboration with you (in an exotic location) and that is definitely something to look forward to!

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