Rosie Flame

It’s astonishing how time flies. Way back in early 2015, at the end of March as the first signs of spring were in the air, I headed down to Plymouth to shoot with a local model – Rosie. I can remember it so clearly as it was the first shoot I’d ever arranged without the safety net of a friend or a studio on hand.

I didn’t ever share any of the photos from that session on here, though you can find some on my Flickr account if you search. It was a fantastic learning experience and although I got some images I loved, I also made a number of silly mistakes and had problems with the focus on my (as then new) 50mm which resulted in many photos being unusable. I actually still have problems with that lens, but now fortunately know some work arounds!

Rosie herself was the most perfect model. She knows how to move and pose without needing any direction, is easy going and has a ridiculously fun sense of humour. I promised myself that once I’d developed my skills a bit that I’d shoot with her again (provided she let me!) and do better.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 and I’d just completed two shoots in London. I still had some time off work though and an inclination to create. Rosie and I were chatting online and the next thing I knew, shoot number two (the third of the month) was arranged. Not long after, I found myself in Plymouth with camera in hand.

We shot a few sets that day, ranging from fashion, to lingerie and art nude with an erotic piece right at the end. As before, Rosie was just perfect to work with keeping me laughing throughout and having a hugely fun time.

I think I’ve probably said enough, so it’s time to share a selection of the images we took. Needless to say, I can’t recommend working with her enough and for anyone travelling to Plymouth who is shooting – she is an absolute essential. All we need to do now is arrange shoot number three!

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