Art Nude and Eroticism in London

The post I’m sharing today will most definitely be considered NSFW, so if that isn’t something you wish to see, or it should offend you please look away now and please don’t read any further.

When I first started thinking about photographing models I signed up to a portfolio site to help make connections and find people to work with. Quickly it also became a site of inspiration as on a daily basis I would see high quality photograph after photograph. One day, a post on the forums caught my eye. Raw, passionate black and white images were being shared by a model who was creating a genre of photography I’d never given much, if any, thought to before. Erotica.

Her work was bold, brave, imaginative and every word she wrote alongside held feeling and passion. I was impressed by this and quickly hit the ‘follow’ button wanting to see more. One day though I logged into the site and she was gone. It felt like we’d lost a real personality and someone who had made that portfolio site just that little bit better.

At a date some point in the future (and I don’t know how long that gap was) I signed up to another portfolio site, one which lended itself more toward erotic and adult images. I’d heard about it and was curious and as my own tastes had evolved thought it was something I’d like to try at least once. After posting some images to start my account I almost immediately received a lovely welcoming message with some very kind words about what I’d shared. I quickly realised this message was from the very model who’d inspired me into the genre from the start!

At this point though I didn’t truly think we’d ever actually shoot. I felt completely out of my depth and comfort zone. I was inexperienced and her body of work was just so spectacular. I was sure I couldn’t come close to producing anything like what she already had in her portfolio. We talked though and she gave me the confidence to try. And so that’s how toward the end of 2020, I somehow found myself in London ready for my first ever erotica themed shoot.

I hugely value her privacy, which is why this set remains anonymous. As for the shoot itself, I’d rather let the photographs speak for themselves.

I’m truly grateful to her for sharing this time with me. If you are a photographer and should happen to recognise her then I would like to say that she is utterly professional, hard working, driven and creative. She is full of feeling, which you can see is emoted into every shot.

I hope you enjoy what we created.

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