Golden Light at The Warren

After that flurry of shoots at the tail end of 2020 we went back into lockdown for a while and the camera didn’t leave the bag again for several months. In fact, it took right until May and a few messages from my friend Hannah to drag me back out once again.

Hannah used to model (sadly I never got a chance to photograph her!) and now she’s an exceptional photographer using all of the skills and tricks she’s learned over the years. Something she does really well are her ‘Empowerment’ shoots and I’d really encourage you to visit her website or her Instagram to learn more.

Hannah was arranging a test shoot with her cousin at our local beach and very kindly invited me along to take some photos too. It was timed for the golden light in the evening and provided me a great excuse to leave work on time for once. I really couldn’t say no!

For once the weather didn’t let us down and we managed to enjoy a beautiful evening taking turns and shooting right through until dusk. Hannah’s cousin Mickey isn’t used to modelling, but she did such a great job for us and the couple of hours we spent absolutely flew by.

This one isn’t an image heavy post, it was something of a test shoot after all but I couldn’t skip sharing them – it was a fun evening and a terrific way to kick start 2021’s portraiture.

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